The World of Animals and The World of Science Bundle: USED TEXTS

Master Books (NLP)

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Master Books by New Leaf Press

The World of Animals investigates and describes the anatomy, behavior, and habitats of over 1,000 animals. From microscopic worms and insects to reptiles, birds, and mammals, this book will provide children with an insight into the incredible range of life in Gods wonderful world. This comprehensive but easy-to-use book boasts a wide range of features to help bring its readers face-to-face with the science and beauty of the living world.

A hands-on, real-world science text that inspires, informs, and brings honor to the Lord! Behind every law of science is the foundation laid out in wisdom by a loving God. From His design of the smallest atom to the most distant star, His insight unfolds throughout these six detailed sections and the fun and informative hands-on science experiments included. The marvels found in these pages will inspire children to reach for new discoveries that will honor our Creator. 256 pages, some 800 full color photos or diagrams with Table Contents, Glossary and Index. 11" x 8 3/4" embossed cover. This is one of the better illustrated science books for youngsters that covers the full gamut of science subjects in 7 chapters covering Matter, Energy, Electromagnetism, Light/Sound, Earth/Life, Space/Time, and perhaps most importantly over 60 Science Experiments with precise instruction on safely carrying them out. Significantly, the book is up-to-date, covering modern appliances and apparatus including digital devices. All age groups up to HS should have appropriate sections of interest. A true delight to have so much under one cover.

Used Condition:  Hardcover Books- clean with minimal wear

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