The Story of the World Vol. 2: The Middle Ages, Activity Book

The Story of the World Vol. 2: The Middle Ages, Activity Book

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The Activity Book offers parents and teachers a complete history, geography, and literature program when used with The Story of the World Vol. 2: The Middle Ages, Text. Though designed primarily for grades 2-5, the map exercises and many of the other activities are appropriate for grades 6-8.

Any textbook can tell your child that, “Many of Shakespeare’s plays include battles, duels, and murders.” But our activity books offer more practical tips, such as “Raise your sword over your head and chop downwards as though you were intending to cut your opponent in half down the middle.” We like to think we’re giving your child an education he can use.

Color a picture of a Viking warrior, make an edible oasis, create a Moorish ruler’s turban, craft Aztec jewelry and more.

Don’t just read about history — experience it! 


The Activity Book contains two parts.
The first section includes: A Pronunciation Guide, Review Questions with answers, Narration Exercises, Additional History Reading lists, Instructions for the activities in the Student Pages, various Projects, information for the Map assignments, Encyclopedia Cross-references, and Corresponding Literature Suggestions.
The second section includes: The removable Student Pages which are given to the student to complete. These pages include: maps, puzzles, games, and, in Volumes 1-3, review cards and coloring pages. In Volume 4, timeline figures and outlines replace the review cards and coloring pages.

Do you have more than one student? If you purchase the Activity Book, you have permission to copy the Student Pages as often as you need for use within your own family.

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