The Story of the World Vol. 1: Ancient Times, Bundle

The Story of the World Vol. 1: Ancient Times, Bundle

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Multi-Level Teaching

The Story of the World series is intended for children in grades 1–4, but is often used by older students: Volume One is written primarily for grades 1–4; Volume Two for grades 2–5; Volume Three for grade 3–6; Volume Four for grades 4–8. The maps and many of the activities in this book are also appropriate for children in grades 4–8. To use The Story of the World as the center of a multilevel history program, have your older child independently do the following: Read The Story of the World; follow this with the appropriate pages from the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia; place all important dates on a timeline; do additional reading on his or her own level. Optional: Your student can answer the Review Questions in writing, instead of orally. You can instruct the  student to write out their answers on loose-leaf paper, you can type up the Review Questions yourself and include space for their answers, or you can purchase our Written Comprehension Responses where the Review Questions are already typed for you with plenty of lined space provided for your student’s response!

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