Science Starters: Elementary Chemistry & Physics (Curriculum Pack)

Science Starters: Elementary Chemistry & Physics (Curriculum Pack)

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An exciting, hands-on approach to science!

Elementary chemistry and physics come alive through hands-on experiments that demonstrate scientific principles and affirm a Biblical worldview! Through easy-to-understand, engaging explanations and activities utilizing household items, students will learn to apply scientific knowledge as they discover:

  • How light travels
  • Properties of magnets
  • Essential components of an electrical circuit
  • Examples of chemical reactions
  • The Periodic Table of Elements
  • The difference between an acid and a base
  • and so much more!

Totally Flexible

Science Starters: Elementary Chemistry & Physics features multi-level quiz and testing options, enabling you to teach students in both elementary and middle school together! Level 1 quizzes and tests are recommended for grades 3-4, while level 2 is recommended for grades 5-6.

Science Starters: Elementary Chemistry & Physics Curriculum Pack Includes:

Science Starters: Chemistry & Physics Teacher Guide

  • Suggested Daily Schedule€”saving you time!
  • Worksheets
  • Supply List
  • Quizzes & Tests
  • Answer Key

Investigate the Possibilities Elementary Chemistry-Matter Its Properties & Its Changes

Infused with fun activities and applied learning, this dynamic, full-color book provides over 20 great ways to learn about bubbles, water, colors, salt, and the periodic table, all through interactive lessons! Students will learn about the physical properties of chemical substances, why adding heat causes most chemical changes to react faster, the scientist who organized a chart of the known elements, and the difference between chemical changes and physical changes.

Investigate the Possibilities Elementary Physics-Energy Its Forms, Changes, Function

Science comes alive as students explore simplified key concepts of elementary physics through hands-on application. Students will discover what happens to light waves when we see different colors, how you can see an invisible magnetic field, the essential parts of an electric circuit, and how solar energy can be changed into electric energy.


Course Features:

  • 30-45 minutes per lesson, 2-3x per week
  • Perforated, 3-hole punched worksheets
  • Recommended Grade Level: 3rd - 6th

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