Writing With Skill Level 3, Instructor Text

Writing With Skill Level 3, Instructor Text

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Grades 5-8

Writing With Skill combines time-tested classical techniques – the imitation and analysis of great writers – with innovative contemporary insights. Models from great literature provide the student with inspiration, while step-by-step instructions explicitly teach the skills that other writing programs merely assign without explanation. Original writing assignments in history, science, biography and literature expand the students intellectual horizons.

Designed to be used along with Writing With Skill Level 3, Student Workbook, this book turns every parent or teacher into a skilled writing instructor. Clear, detailed teaching instructions help you guide even reluctant writers into mastery of essential writing skills.

* Full instructor support: explanations, scripted discussion questions, model compositions, rubrics

* Detailed guidance on how to evaluate student work

* Designed to help the student work with increasing confidence and independence

* Help in integrating writing skills into the students other academic subjects

* Direction in the skills of note-taking and documentation

* Instructions in avoiding plagiarism

* Step-by-step assistance in teaching students to write narratives, sequences, definitions, explanations, comparisons and contrasts, biographical sketches, and much more

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