Master's Class High School Physics Set

Master's Class High School Physics Set

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Have you ever wondered how a fully loaded aircraft carrier can float, but a rock cannot? Have you ever tried to figure out how a plane with hundreds of people can fly? Or how the food you eat becomes the energy that moves your muscles? To understand and appreciate God€™s amazing creation, we need to keep asking questions like these. The role of God in creating and maintaining the natural laws is actually critical to your understanding of physics.

The course contains learning objectives, helpful text, worksheets, quizzes, and labs. You will study the very handiwork of God Himself as you learn about how early scientists worked to understand the created world and universe. Discover how God€™s wisdom is revealed in the creation of the universe, gravity, light, electric forces, magnetic forces, nuclear forces, sound waves, heat energy, motion, electromagnetism, radioactivity, time, cosmology, and more!

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