LLATL Tan Book Bundle - 6th Grade - USED TEXT

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Lightly Used Text - Pencil writing page 1-50 Student Book

Learning Language Arts Through Literature (LLATL) teacher and student book bundle

Integrated language arts lessons including: grammar, spelling, higher-order thinking, and study skills.

Teacher friendly, with little or no teacher preparation needed!

Reviews Activities follow most lessons providing additional skill practice.

Assessments help teachers to evaluate student's progress.

6th grade students mature in their language arts skills through 36 lessons. Strong in dictation, encourages expressive, creative writing. The study of suffixes and prefixes lays groundwork for skills needed at the jr/sr high levels. Passages from great literature encourages the reading of timeless classics. Reviews after most lessons and Assessments aid teachers in identifying strengths and weaknesses. Book Studies: Each book study contains a summary, vocabulary skills, reading comprehension, and exciting activities. Units: Each unit provides the opportunity for your student to apply his skills through research, creative writing, journal writing, etc.


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