Coding Critters™ Pet Poppers: Pepper the Cat

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What's popping? New STEM adventures! Meet Pepper the Cat, the quick-moving kitten pal of Scamper & Sneaker and star of the Pet Poppers adventures! With the help of her fun launcher house, Pepper introduces kids to essential STEM and kids' coding concepts through the challenges found inside her full-color 20-page adventure book. As kids launch Pepper through the world of her STEM adventures, they'll learn about STEM skills and topics ranging from force, motion, and angles to logic, trial and error, and more. Every screen-free STEM challenge helps kids master early coding and preschool learning skills without the need for a phone or tablet. When she's not zooming through her own Pet Poppers adventures, Pepper can join in the coding fun with Scamper & Sneaker and the rest of the larger Coding Critters interactive pet sets - race the other Pet Poppers, dream up new coding adventures that boost critical thinking and other STEM skills, or use the magnet in Pepper's nose to help her interact with other Coding Critters!

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