It's Not Greek to Me

It's Not Greek to Me

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A basic Greek primer to help you study your Bible more deeply and know God better in the process!

God chose the perfect time to fulfill His promise of the coming Messiah. This was a time when the Greek language was thriving, and it became the perfect vehicle to spread the gospel. Now you can explore the Biblical text in Koine Greek (or the common Greek of Jesus' time) with this easy and fun-to-do, 10-lesson study!

You will begin with memorizing the alphabet and then quickly progress to proficiency. With this simple program, Todd Friel helps individuals, families, and groups who desire to know God's Word more clearly do so by equipping you to:

  • Get more understanding from Bible footnotes and commentaries
  • Clarify points of confusion among Biblical translations
  • Go beyond the basics to comprehend the meaning of the original Biblical texts.

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