Handwriting Level A Student Worktext

A Reason For

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Recommended for Grade 1. Manuscript. 160 pages.

A Reason for Handwriting Level A begins with 30 lessons reviewing manuscript letter formation. After completing the review, the work text proceeds to 28 weekly lessons, which each provide 10-15 minutes of daily practice. On days 1 - 3, students write letters and words from the week's Scripture verse. On day 4, students trace over the entire verse as it appears in the work text. On the final day, students select a Border Sheet from the back of the book, and write the week's Scripture verse in their best handwriting, then use their creativity to color the design on their Border Sheet.

Note: The weekly verse in A Reason For Handwriting Level A corresponds with the same week's theme verse in A Reason For Spelling Level A, thus reinforcing the Scripture content of each lesson.

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