God's Big Book of Animals

God's Big Book of Animals

Master Books (NLP)

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Children love to learn about animals. God€™s Big Book of Animals offers elementary students stunning photography and fascinating facts on sixty of God€™s amazing creatures. This truly BIG book provides so much more than a trip to the zoo from a biblical worldview.

God€™s Big Book of Animals is both educational and entertaining. Children will love learning where these animals are, what they eat, and how they live. Written in a conversational tone that children will enjoy, God€™s Big Book of Animals teaches the class, order, and species for each animal as well as interesting facts about them.

Christian parents describe God€™s Big Book of Animals as a €œfamily favorite€ and recommend it for elementary age students and higher. It is a perfect book for individual study, family reading time, and all Christian academic settings including homeschools.

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