Forces & Motion

Forces & Motion

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This is the Forces & Motion book. Please see the Forces & Motion Student Journal and and Teacher Guide to complete the curriculum.

Experience the science of fun!

In this new Investigate the Possibilities series for 3rd through 6th grade, elementary physical science comes alive!

This amazing full-color book is filled with 20 hands-on activities that ignite a sense of curosity about the wonderful God has made. Concepts are introduced in an engaging way - by highlighting the science behind kids at play, like rollerskating, skateboarding, and even running. By guiding students through these easy to understand investigations, they learn to explain, apply, expand, and assess what they have personally observed!

Learn how to:

  • Determine the speed and motion of favorite toys
  • Create a catapult and experience the mechanics of pulleys
  • Set up a floating pencil race
  • Discover why friction creates heat

Investigate the incredible world that God has created with science that is fun and educational in this comprehensive series!

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