Demystifying Learning Styles

Demystifying Learning Styles

Bright Ideas Press

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Figuring out how children learn can be a challenge! And when you're homeschooling, parents can feel even more pressure to be the most effective teacher they can be. Demystifying Learning Styles will help you learn to teach your child based upon their learning style, including:


  • Understand when, how, and why to use your children's learning modalities


  • Understand how your child's learning space effects their concentration
  • Help you child pay attention
  • Discover strategies for Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic learners
  • Bust common and harmful learning-style myths
  • Learn the difference between modalities and intelligences
  • Learn how to make educational memories that last
  • Know how to talk with your kids about multi-tasking during their schoolwork
  • Find out what to look for when choosing curriculum and textbooks
  • Discover a framework for choosing what classes to take and what to skip

86 pages, paperback.

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