Science 10 Alberta: SNAP - USED TEXT

Science 10 Alberta: SNAP - USED TEXT

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The SNAP Science 10 covers the following topics:

  • Energy and Matter in Chemical Change
  • Energy Flow in Technological System
  • Cycling of Matter in Living Systems
  • Energy Flow in Global Systems

Each unit of the workbook includes the following features:

  • A unit opener page that summarizes the curriculum outcomes to be addressed, identifies the lesson titles, and lists the prerequisite knowledge and skills students should have prior to beginning the unit
  • Lessons that provide essential teaching pieces, explanations of the concepts, example problems, and detailed solutions
  • Notes bars that contain key definitions, formulas, reminders, and important steps or procedures
  • Practice exercises with questions related to the curriculum outcomes that allow students an opportunity to apply the concepts
  • Detailed solutions to all odd numbered questions
  • A review summary that provides a succinct review of the key concepts in the unit
  • One or more practice tests that students can use to assess their understanding of the unit concepts

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