Canadian Government

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• Fathers of Confederation
• Parliament
• House of Commons
• Senate
• Governor General
• Royal Assent
• Majority & Minority Governments

Travel back to Confederation to see how Canada became a new nation.

This resource breaks down the responsibilities and parts of the federal government. Recognize that Canada is a democracy and a constitutional monarchy, with the head of state being the King or Queen. Read the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, before writing your own Constitution for a new country. Create a presentation on one of the departments the federal government is responsible for, such as national defense or the post office. Understand that Canada is made up of provinces and territories, and that each has its own government under the federal system. Jump into the political process to elect the next Prime Minister, and see how a majority of minority government affects his or her leadership. Aligned to your State Standards and written to Bloom's Taxonomy, additional writing tasks, crossword, word search, comprehension quiz and answer key are also included. 

Best suited for grades 5-6

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