Canada in the 20th Century High School Course

Canada in the 20th Century High School Course

Donna Ward

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The course is licensed to one student for 480 days. Under special circumstances extensions will be granted if needed.

Family Discount: This course is licensed to one student. With special permission by the publisher, additional students in the same family may receive a 30% discount on an additional student course access license and workbook

Sample: You can view a sample of the student course book and an assignment below as a small part of the course material. See how this course fits your provincial high school requirements.

Required Resources below are not included in the course price:

1. Counterpoints: etext or hardcover. (Note: Counterpoints - this course is written for the 2nd edition but any edition will do, just note that the page numbers may not correspond exactly. ) 

Counterpoints Hardcover   Counterpoints EText

For the student

Single student consumable course workbook includes:

  • Day by day course outline for easy implementation
  • Assigned viewing & questions for Canada, A People€™s History DVDs
  • Assigned reading from Counterpoints text
  • Assigned online resources including stories, videos and more
  • Living resource lists including books & dvds

Student digital code for access to online resources for 480 days for download includes:

  • 22 Online assignments with marking rubrics
  • Essays, Worksheets, Map Skills, Comprehension,
  • Critical Thinking, Historical Thinking
  • 18 Online quiz reviews with answer keys
  • 8 Online unit tests with answer keys
  • Final exam with rubric and marking scheme
  • Online teaching videos including six historical thinking skills
  • 62 Online resource pages with carefully reviewed links, videos & more

For the teacher

  • Full answer key for student course workbook
  • Full answer key for all assignments with marking rubrics
  • Full answer keys for all quizzes and tests with marking rubrics
  • Final exam with answer key and marking rubric 


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