Butterfly Flight Cage

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SunGrow Backyard Butterfly Cage Habitat

  • ✔ STURDY POP-UP CAGE FOR GROWING BUTTERFLIES --- Now you can experience metamorphosis unfolds before your eyes. Watch how larvae become beautifully winged creatures with Butterfly Cage by SunGrow. Lightweight yet sturdy.
  • ✔ FACILITATES PROPER LIGHT & VENTILATION FOR THRIVING --- The five clear window panels make the space airy and facilitate enough to see through.  This ultimately brings you an unforgettable opportunity to see caterpillars growing into chrysalides, and finally becoming either Monarch, Black Swallowtail or Painted Lady butterflies.
  • ✔ PROTECT FROM OUTSIDERS --- You are assured that your baby butterflies will be protected from outsiders. The panels are made from a fine mesh material. Once you see them fully grown, release them into the wild. Who knows if they would land on your little hands before leaving as their THANK YOU gesture!
  • ✔ WITH LARGE ZIPPER OPENING --- This butterfly shelter with an attractive black piping has a large zipper opening which gives you plenty of room to access for care and feeding. This large opening will also make it easier for you when it is already time for butterflies to be released and spread their wings out and explore the world.
  • ✔ EASY STORAGE & MAINTENANCE --- When unfolded, this collapsible cage measures 16” x 16” x 24”, you can also flatten this for easy storage. Made from washable material, you can effortlessly sanitize by washing it in a soapy liquid mixture.

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