Adams' Chart of History (Teacher's Guide)

Adams' Chart of History (Teacher's Guide)

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Turn your remarkable Adams€™ Chart of History timeline into a versatile and integrated learning tool!

Wanting to help students get a clearer understanding of history, educator Sebastian Adams created a timeline that would show a complete and visual record of discoveries, nations, inventions, and more from the creation of the world until 1871 when Adams€™ timeline was originally finished.

Now reprinted in its original, evolution-free large-format size, Adam€™s Chart of History remains one of the most different and versatile teaching tools ever designed! Combine your timeline with this handy Adams€™ Chart Teachers€™ Manual and you can begin:

  • Implementing great suggestions for teaching from the Timeline
  • Integrating hands-on activities from the chart into your current educational programs in numerous areas of study
  • Discovering strategies and tips utilizing Bloom€™s Taxonomy characteristics (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation)
  • Understanding not only a helpful overview of the timeline but also the countless additional features within its design which enhance learning

Offering an array of essential discussion questions, activities, and tests, Adams€™ Chart Teachers€™ Manual is an easy-to-use, vital resource for educators in the home and in the classroom for learners of all ages!

Turn your visual masterpiece of history into an educational tool you can use, continually reference, and enjoy for years to come!

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