A Child's Geography Vol. 5: Explore Viking Realms

A Child's Geography Vol. 5: Explore Viking Realms

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In the lively style introduced to us by Ann Voskamp, A Child's Geography: Explore Viking Realms will take you and your geographers on an amazing adventure through our Father's world.

Imagine sailing on a sleek Viking vessel, exploring territory far and wide, and discovering lands beyond the horizon. In this volume of A Child's Geography, you will uncover ancient mysteries, experience medieval ways of life, and understand enduring conflicts that have shaped the modern countries of northern Europe. As we explore the Viking realms that spread across the rugged northern landscapes of Europe, you and your family will delight in breathtaking beauty, hidden wonders, and fascinating peoples€”all created in God's image.

Over the course of 16 chapters, explore the 13 countries of Northern Europe with:

  • engaging text and vivid photos that bring each country to life
  • narration prompts to cement learning and understanding
  • note booking, vocabulary, and mapping activities
  • hands-on activities to better understand the culture of each country
  • authentic recipes from the countries of Northern Europe

Do you and your children desire to catch a passion for all of the people and places around this glorious globe? Come. Let's go into all the world together.

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