Keepsake Stories Keepsake Stories Rapunzel

Keepsake Stories Keepsake Stories Rapunzel

Brighter Child® (CDE)

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Hidden away in a tower by an evil witch, Rapunzel lets down her long braids for her true love to climb up. What will happen when the witch discovers their secret? Updated with vibrant illustrations, Keepsake Stories: Rapunzel inspires a love for reading and provides an opportunity for you and your child to bond over a classic tale!

Enhanced with enchanting illustrations, this classic fairy tale captures a child’s interest and sparks their imagination, while encouraging a love for reading that is vital to success both in school and in life.

Keepsake Stories bring classic fairy tales to life that are full of magic, imagination, and adventure for a new generation of readers. This series features favorite stories from children’s literature and famous characters, memorable scenes, and valuable lessons that will inspire a lifelong love of reading. Fresh and captivating illustrations enliven each story. Collect all the Keepsake Stories to create your own library of treasured children’s classics.

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