Complete Book of Maps & Geography, Grades 3 - 6

Complete Book of Maps & Geography, Grades 3 - 6

Thinking Kids® (CDE)

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The Complete Book of Maps & Geography for grades 3 to 6 provides focused instruction in the following:
-map skills
-grid maps
-US geography
-US regions
-North and South America geography
-global geography
This geography activity book for children aligns with current state standards.

Encourage independent study and strengthen navigation skills with The Complete Book of Maps & Geography. This geography book for kids helps them develop skills for success with detailed instructions and child-friendly activities.

The Complete Book series helps children in prekindergarten to sixth grade build a solid foundation in key subject areas. This standards-based series offers high-interest, comprehensive workbooks to motivate students and encourage independent learning in these areas:
-the alphabet
-arts and crafts
With The Complete Book series, children have the support they need for school success!

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