Complete Book of Handwriting, Grades K - 3

Complete Book of Handwriting, Grades K - 3

Thinking Kids® (CDE)

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The Complete Book of Handwriting for kindergarten to grade 3 helps children build a solid foundation in handwriting with focused instruction and practice in manuscript and cursive handwriting, as well as the letters of the alphabet. Children will also practice writing number, math, language arts, holiday, and weather words.

While students increasingly rely on technology to communicate, it’s still important to teach them how to write letters, thank-you notes, sentences, and phrases by hand. The Complete Book of Handwriting helps children build knowledge and skills for a solid foundation in writing. Featuring kid-friendly activities, this book supports skill mastery, encourages learning, and helps children hone the skills needed for success.

The Complete Book series offers an engaging way for children to acquire knowledge and strengthen essential skills. This series features activities that encourage independent learning and support skill mastery in Spanish, handwriting, maps, geography, the alphabet, numbers, counting, time, money, and arts and crafts. Each subject-specific, comprehensive workbook offers focused instruction and fun activities. The books in this series feature full-color photographs and illustrations that hold attention while children learn important concepts.

With The Complete Book series, students have the support they need for school success!

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