U.S. History Puzzles, Book 2, Grades 5 - 8

U.S. History Puzzles, Book 2, Grades 5 - 8

Mark Twain (CDE)

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U.S. History Puzzles, Book 2 for grades 5 to 8+ reinforces American history with fun, puzzle-based activities that engage students in the learning process. Filled with crosswords, puzzles, word searches, hidden messages, and more, this series provides a fun way to learn about early North American exploration to U.S. involvement in the Middle East and everything in between!

Mark Twain Media Publishing Company specializes in providing engaging supplemental books and decorative resources to complement middle- and upper-grade classrooms. Designed by leading educators, this product line covers a range of subjects including math, science, language arts, social studies, history, government, fine arts, and character.

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